What coworking means?

A coworking space is a shared, professional-style workspace where you can pay a monthly fee to use a shared workspace.

Coworking Space

Noun the use of an office or other work environment by self-employed persons or people working for different employers, usually to exchange equipment, ideas and knowledge. The whole idea of coworking is to bring smart, creative people together and let the ideas collide. Coworking spaces often promote community, host networking events and create ideal solutions for small companies, startups or remote employees such as freelancers.

A coworking space should make it easy for you to get your work done as effectively as possible. No matter how big your business is, WeWork can create a personalized coworking space with layouts that adapt to your privacy and design needs. Smaller urban areas with many young and creative people, and in particular university cities, may offer coworking places, with Cowork Greifswald in Germany being an example. It’s also a great incentive to attract top talent, as coworking spaces often host a variety of community events, workshops, lunches, and other learning or social activities for their members.

Members also get access to coworking and fitness facilities, as well as discounts on avalanche courses and cabin rides. They may seem like a nice bonus, but top-notch amenities can really make a coworking space special. With WeWork All Access, you can flexibly rent coworking space from one of hundreds of WeWork locations around the world. For those who are just starting out with a business (think startups and entrepreneurs), a coworking space is the perfect option as it offers the opportunity to grow or shrink team numbers. Due to the shared infrastructure, a broad internal community for networking, frequent links, low set-up costs for internal expertise, mentors and funding options, as well as an ideal platform for launching a new product.

While every coworking space is a little different, it’s a common perception that coworking spaces allow professionals to share office space in some way. Coworking has community roots that go back to the first “hacker spaces” in Europe, and today’s coworking spaces retain a strong social aspect. With all these benefits, coworking space is a great option for individuals and organizations looking for a job. We’ve listed all the benefits of working in a coworking space to show how important they can be to staying motivated, staying connected within an industry, or branching out socially if you’ve been isolated by working from home.

Coworking isn’t just about sharing infrastructure and costs, it’s about belonging to a community, accessibility and sustainability. For large employers, a coworking space can be a first foot in a new market before deciding whether to make a more permanent expansion. The continued rise of coworking spaces in cities around the world is driven by a number of different factors. This resulted in increased productivity, happier teams, and invaluable access to the collaborative communities in WeWork’s coworking spaces.